Partnership Opportunities

The 3rd Synthetic Biology-Based Therapeutics Summit will continue its mission of bringing together experts, engineers and decision-makers spanning the field of engineered biology.

This event provides an exceptional platform for delving into the forefront of AI, intra-cellular sensors, DNA editing, and more – placing innovation in the spotlight. Biopharma needs your help translating cutting edge discoveries into feasible, cost effective therapeutic approaches.

Seize this opportunity to establish yourself as a go to solution provider within this nascent, modality agnostic community, focusing on the effective implementation of your technologies, harnessing the potential of synthetic biology, expediting platform development, and ultimately shaping the trajectory of regenerative medicine.

Experts Need Your Help With:

AI solutions for data analysis, predictive modeling, and optimization to enhance experimental outcomes and therapeutic design.

Specialized services to validate and optimize assays, helping researchers for streamlined workflows and robust data production.

Analysis of complex datasets for designing optimal protein structures and computational methods to engineer proteins and optimize their functionality.

Biomanufacturing solutions for scaling up synthetic biology processes, and ensuring efficient production of synthetic organisms, therapeutic molecules, and cellular therapies.

Design and optimization of delivery mechanisms from viral vectors to liposomal nanoparticles, ensuring precise and safe delivery.

Tools and technology for creating engineered cell lines with enhanced properties, stability, and desired functions.

And more!

Why Partner?

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Engage with pioneering luminaries in the synthetic biology realm, amplifying the visibility of your solutions within a landscape teeming with innovative minds and well-established biotech powerhouses.

Unlock avenues for commercial growth by connecting with C-Level decision-makers in a space on the brink of commercial application, eager to collaborate with leading solution providers.

Maintain a competitive edge amidst the dynamic evolution of synthetic biology by understanding your clients directions, spanning AI integration, novel gene editing approaches, and the strategic use of fortified immune cells.

Who Will You Meet?

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