Join Your Engineered & Synthetic Biology Community this December!

Over the past couple of years, the engineered biology market has seen fledgling companies rise to IPO smashing power players, as the demand for high-quality, engineered biomolecules and controllable therapeutics grows exponentially. 

The therapeutic potential of novel synthetic units is huge, but challenges remain in demonstrating proof-of-concept, developing assays, functional characterization, manufacturing scale-up, and identifying therapeutic applications for commercial development.

Returning for the 2nd year, the Synthetic Biology-Based Therapies Summit is the leading industry-defining forum made exclusively for leaders in the synthetic and engineered biology space, focusing on the technical challenges that lie ahead in the path towards commercialization.

Learn from industry trailblazers at Arsenal Biosciences,, MIT, Novome Bio, Strand Therapeutics, Synlogic and more, to support your efforts in developing safe and effective synthetic biology-based therapeutics.  

World-Class Speaker Faculty Included:

Andrew Phillips

Director, Bioinformatics, Biologics Engineering


Grant Murphy

Executive Director, Discovery Biologics

Merck & Co.

Mark Kotter

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ron Weiss


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Russell Gordley

Senior Director, Gene Circuit Discovery

Senti Biosciences

Hear From Our Past Speakers:

"I'm looking forward to participating in the Summit to share Novome's exciting work engineering microbes to treat human disease. I think this meeting is a great opportunity to learn more about the advances happening in the engineered biology therapeutics space broadly and to meet leaders in the field."
Lauren Popov, Director, Translational Biology, Novome Biotechnology

“I am excited to be speaking at this event because we are living a unique moment in science when the confluence of synthetic biology, machine learning and automation can bring about revolutionary applications for therapeutics.”
Héctor Garcia Martin, Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

“I’m looking forward to attending and speaking at the Engineered Bio Summit because leveraging synthetic biology in drug discovery is advancing our ability to interrogate disease biology and develop novel therapies.”
Grant Murphy, Executive Director, Discovery Biologics, Merck & Co.

“I am excited to participate in this event and truly believe that time is right for synthetic biology to translate, given the progress the field has been making.”
Wenning Qin, Senior Vice President, Research, eGenesis 

2022 Partners Included: