Engineer 'Intelligent', Controllable Drugs at the First Technical Meeting Dedicated to Advancing the Therapeutic Applications of Synthetic Biology

This year, the synthetic biology market has seen fledgling companies rise to IPO smashing power players, as the demand for high-quality, engineered biomolecules and controllable therapeutics grows exponentially.

The therapeutic potential of novel synthetic units is huge, but challenges remain in demonstrating proof-of-concept, developing assays, functional characterization, manufacturing scale-up, and identifying therapeutic applications for commercial development.  

With an agenda curated by leaders in synthetic biology-based therapies at Synlogic, Merck, Bayer, Senti Bio, MIT and GSK, the Synthetic Biology-Based Therapeutics Summit will provide strategic insights to deploy synthetic biology as a tool for discovery, through to therapeutic applications. 

Explore innovations in circuit design and implementation, harnessing the power of computation and AI to better design functioning circuits and uncover novel components which elicit therapeutic benefit. Tackle manufacturing challenges to scale up synthetic biology-based therapeutics with gold-standard quality control and characterization.  


For more details about the agenda, speakers, or pricing, download the brochure. 

A Snapshot of 2021 Speaker Faculty

Aaron Cooper

Director Synthetic Biology


Andrew Phillips

Head of Synthetic Biology


David Hava



Grant Murphy

Director Protein Engineering


Graham Whyteside

Director, Platform Development R&D

ASkBio Europe

James Collins

Termeer Professor of Medical Engineering & Science


Qi Cai

Director Cell Biology

Kite: A Gilead Company

Timothy Lu


Senti Biosciences

2021 Attendees Included

2021 Partners Included: