About Event

Welcome to the 2nd Synthetic Biology-Based Therapies Summit

Over the last few years, engineered and synthetic biology has risen to the main stage of therapeutic development, with pioneers of the tech bio revolution galvanizing the field with innovative technology and clinical data.  

Now is the time to harness the potential of engineered biology to drive safer, more efficacious, ‘thinking’ therapeutics, Smarter control elements, synthetic cell lines, biomanufacturing technologies, and advances in directed evolution are ripe for application in emerging industries from cell and gene therapy to RNA and microbiome.

The 2nd Synthetic Biology-Based Therapies Summit gathers 80+ technical leaders applying these principals, and more, to their pipeline development. 


Join Global Innovators to: 

  • Learn from the academics that are driving the future of synthetic biology development with the National Institute of Standards & Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Leverage novel control strategies for improved therapeutic efficacy and patient safety with Arsenal Biosciences, bit.bio, CHAIN Biotechnology and Strand Therapeutics
  • Employ synthetic biology techniques in the clinic, hearing about a variety of therapeutic applications with Kite Pharma: A Gilead Company, Novome Biotechnologies and Senti Biosciences
  • Apply computation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to engineered and synthetic biology with Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory and Sanofi  
  • Explore the potential for engineered biology as a tool for drug discovery and development with LifeMine Therapeutics and Merck & Co.