Pre-Conference Workshop Day | December 7, 2021

Workshop A | 9.00-11.00 AM EST

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques to Drive Synthetic Biology Development

  • Exploring the applications of in silico methods to enhance development in synthetic biology for therapeutic applications
  • Deploying computational tools to inform redesign for synthetic biology with data from metagenomic studies
  • Expediting screening with machine learning to speed up the design-build test cycle
  • Using computational modeling and AI to build novel circuits
  • Leveraging artificial neural nets to make sense of noisy environments
Dyno CEO Eric Kelsic

Eric Kelsic
Founder & CEO
Dyno Therapeutics

Workshop B | 12.00-02.00 PM EST

Applying Synthetic Biology Tools to Diagnostic Applications

  • Discussing how synthetic biology tools can be applied to diagnostics, and which aspects of synthetic biology lend themselves to diagnostic development
  • Creating diagnostic chips for diagnostics with synthetic circuits
  • Designing synthetic biology units to create readouts for diagnosis
  • Leveraging synthetic diagnostic tools for broader applications such as batch testing
  • Considering how synthetic diagnostic technologies can be developed towards therapeutic application with response pathways
james collins

James Collins
Termeer Professor of Medical Engineering & Science