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Advancing Gene Editing, AI & Logic Gating to Develop Safe, Controllable Cell & Gene, mRNA & Microbiome-based Therapies

Welcome to the 3rd Synthetic Biology Based Therapeutics Summit

As biotech propels forward, rewriting the very rules of biological systems for targeted, controlled, and safe therapeutic outcomes grows exponentially.

With advancements in DNA synthesis, tissue engineering, and the emergence of logic gating, the 3rd Synthetic Biology-Based Therapeutics Summit is a platform uniting academia, engineers, and drug developers working towards increased specificity, durability and potency.

Covering all the hottest applications from cell and gene therapy, mRNA based therapies and the microbiome with workshops, panels, case studies and clinical updates, this summit encapsulates the forefront of engineered biology.

Gain valuable insights on synthetic cytokines, gene circuitry, AI-driven protein design, enhanced gene engineering, and the groundbreaking world of engineered biology from our expert speaker faculty spanning the likes of Arsenal BioSynlogicSenti BioReplay BioBMS, MerckKite Pharma, Johns HopkinsMITStrand Therapeutics, and more.

Following explosive developments in engineering capability, the 3rd Synthetic Biology-Based Therapeutics Summit is a platform uniting technology, engineers, and drug developers rewriting the very rules of biological systems for targeted, controlled, and safe therapeutic outcomes.

Join us to explore:

OR and AND Gating with Senti Bio

Next-gen mRNA Transcript Sensor Design with Strand Therapeutics

Cytokine/Anti-cytokine Antibody Fusion Proteins with Merck

AI-Guided DNA Synthesis with Replay Bio

Free Energy Calculation Computational Approach with Stanford

Loss- and gain-of-function augmentation with Arsenal

And many more!

As the divide between academia and industry narrows, this summit acts as a bridge, fostering collaboration and partnerships that can drive your platform or drug development strategy forward.

Explosive Growth: Synthetic biology startups witnessed an investment surge, skyrocketing from $7.8 billion in 2020 to an astonishing $18 billion in 2021, the fruits of their labour are now ripe!

Collaborative Power: The year 2023 has set the stage for unprecedented collaborations, featuring industry giants like Bit.bio, Astellas, Hebecell, BMS, Twist Bio, Replay Bio, and Gilead, all fueling innovation in synthetic biology-based therapeutics.

AI Revolution: In the heart of this transformative era, machine learning and AI have emerged as game-changers. They're enabling the creation of synthesized human proteins, novel protein structures, and T-cell repertoires, paving the way for generating vast libraries to discover new structures at an unprecedented scale!