Sheila Mikhail

Sheila Mikhail

Company: AskBio

Job title: CEO


Panel Discussion: What is the Scope of Expansion for Synthetic Biology-based Therapeutics, and How Quickly Can the Field Move Closer to Patients? 10:00 am

• Highlighting the areas of unmet medical need that exist across the pillars of modern medicine • Considering the level of sophistication that synthetic biology-based therapeutics can reach, and how these could be applied therapeutically • Identifying areas of unmet medical need where synthetic biology could be applied, and discussing how to implement de novo…Read more

day: Day Two

Advancing Synthetic Promoter Design to Direct Behavior in Specific Cell Lines 12:00 pm

• Controlling action in specific settings using smart sensors and synthetic promoters to maximize safety and specificity of mechanisms • Leveraging bioinformatics to discover novel synthetic promoters to elicit greater transcriptional control • Developing synthetic promoters to drive complete on/off expression and flexible gene regulation to drive transcription more precisely • Discussing the impact of…Read more

day: Day One

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