Join the Synthetic Biology Revolution

Next-generation therapeutics look to harness control and drug previously intractable diseases. This year, synthetic biology-based therapeutics have come to the fore as a promising solution to drive the next generation of engineered therapies, with momentum being driven by investment from big pharma and record-breaking IPOs.

The Synthetic Biology-Based Therapeutics Summit gathers experts in therapeutic development and synthetic biology research to explore the foundational technologies, applications in discovery, areas of unmet medical need and potential applications of synthetic biology-based therapeutics, and together move therapeutic development towards an engineering workflow.

Join Global Innovators to:

  • Drive therapeutic discovery and development with synthetic biology as a tool for discovery with Mammoth Biosciences, Merck and SyntheX
  • Explore a roster of synthetic biology units to deploy in therapeutic development with ArsenalBio, Affini-T Therapeutics, and AskBio
  • Manufacture complex synthetic therapeutics, demonstrating safety and efficacy with Eligo Bioscience, bit.bio, and Conagen
  • Implement control in biological systems for safer, more specific therapeutics which sense and respond with Senti Bio, SynLogic, and Ron Weiss, MIT
  • Drive synthetic technologies towards the clinic and discuss strategies to de-risk candidates in development with Bayer, and Kite: A Gilead Company

The Synthetic Biology-Based Therapeutics Summit features two deep-dive workshops.

Join expert working groups from Dyno Therapeutics to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to drive therapeutic development and explore the applications of synthetic circuits in diagnostics with Jim Collins, MIT. Equip your teams with the practical know-how to harness computational approaches, and identify opportunities to expand technology applications beyond therapeutics.


Get 1-2-1 time with experts in the field to:

  • Explore applications of in silico methods to enhance development of synthetic biology and therapeutic discovery
  • Expedite the design build test learn cycle with machine learning and modelling approaches
  • Discuss how synthetic biology tools can be applied to diagnostics, and how to repurpose technologies
  • Consider how diagnostic technologies can be developed towards therapeutic applications with response pathways

For more details about the program, speaker faculty or pricing and discounts, download the brochure.